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Retro Sci-Fi at its finest

| 13. Januar 2010

A wonderful little jewel from the Golden Age of Sci-Fi, complete with „Buck Rogers with Sparklers“ look’n’feel scenery and spaceships: What I find especially endearing is the more than blatant product-placement aimed at 1950’s teenage boys… Those were the days. And the machismo; this is so quaint in retrospect.

Something thought-provoking

| 7. Januar 2010

Watch it and think about it:

Zeppelin Museum II – The technical bit

| 6. August 2009

So this part of my report on our expedition to the Zeppelin Museum is a bit more technical, or, to be more exact, a bit more on the engine side. Up on the first floor of the museum in the main exibition area are quite a number of different engines (some original, some replicas, I […]

Steampunk cum laude – Expedition to the Zeppelin Museum

| 2. August 2009

Finally another steampunk expedition that is really worth mentioning here in my blog. I would not want to bore you with my more or less common travels which I undertake every now and then. This expedition has quite a large number of documentary photographs so I will most definitely split the tale into a number […]

On this day in 1909

| 25. Juli 2009

Another official Steampunk Holiday One hundred years ago today, French aviator Louis Blériot (very impressive mustache) succeeded in crossing the English Channel in a motor-powered airplane. Let’s raise our glasses and give three cheers to Monsieur Blériot. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! And here are two images of the aviator and his plane:

Damn, I am four minutes too late

| 21. Juli 2009

So the historic landmark was 40 years yesterday…Here’s an image:


| 16. Juli 2009

Hmmm… Just stumbled upon this game by accident… Here’s the trailer: And a video about the gameplay: Actually, I do not think that steamgunners is the sort of game I would enjoy much and so I am unlikely to purchase it, but still, it is definitely Steampunk so it is worth mentioning here on this […]

Soviet Nuclear Airship

| 15. Juli 2009

So, there was this concept of a nuclear powered Zeppelin brought forth by the mind of a Russian engineer. I am not sure if this was an idea that was at any time seriously considered or just some sort of Soviet Futurism, still… quite a cool concept I have to say…

A new aera

| 27. Juni 2009

So, after many years of Microsoft OS grief and some rather appaling experiences concerning Vista I have finally decided to switch. The money returning from Iceland was a big help. So, after almost 10 years I am finally once again working with a Mac! This time, it is my very own and not a company […]

Today is a Space Day

| 20. Juni 2009

OK, so this is my second article in this blog for today and I stick to the space theme: Virgin Galactic and the State of New Mexico are building the first commercial spaceport for space tourism!   Yes!   Finally! The 21st Century is here! We still do not have jet packs (which are a […]