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Another expedition looms

| 13. Oktober 2009

It has been a while since I have left the city of Munich for a greater length of time but now, another opportunity presents itself. The gods willing, my throat infection will have cleared up by then and I will have my voice back. It is no use seing friends when you have a fever […]

The Zeppelin Museum V – Mission to Africa

| 8. September 2009

As I have announced before, here are some images concerning the long voyage of L 104 in 1917. It was a planned relief mission to the outnumbered (but very successful) troops of Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck in  Deutsch-Ostafrika. The mission was cancelled befor completion, though because it was judged that the relief mission would not be […]

The Zeppelin Museum IV – Military Zeppelins – Part 2

| 23. August 2009

After a fairly long interval since the last entry, here are a few more images of artifacts from the military use of Zeppelins on display in the very steampunk Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen: The patterns of Zeppelin crews‘ uniforms: The standard-issue Schako-helmet for crew members (worn while on the ground), fashioned after the Schako of […]

The Zeppelin Museum III – Military Zeppelins – Part 1

| 12. August 2009

The Zeppelin Museum has a reasonably big exhibition dedicated to the military use of Zeppelins, which delighted me no end. As I have noted before, I am a militaristic steampunk. The effectiveness of Zeppelins during the Great War is a matter of ongoing debate. Most Zeppelins were either shot down or lost to accidents, on […]

Zeppelin Museum Part III – Travelling in Style

| 9. August 2009

Now this bit concerns the Golden Age of Zeppelin Travel, the times of the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg, when they cruised majestically among the clouds. The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen has a life-size replica of some parts of the Hindenburg, some passenger bedrooms and the lounge, which are accessible to visitors. The bedrooms are […]

Zeppelin Museum II – The technical bit

| 6. August 2009

So this part of my report on our expedition to the Zeppelin Museum is a bit more technical, or, to be more exact, a bit more on the engine side. Up on the first floor of the museum in the main exibition area are quite a number of different engines (some original, some replicas, I […]

Steampunk cum laude – Expedition to the Zeppelin Museum

| 2. August 2009

Finally another steampunk expedition that is really worth mentioning here in my blog. I would not want to bore you with my more or less common travels which I undertake every now and then. This expedition has quite a large number of documentary photographs so I will most definitely split the tale into a number […]

To the Pole by Zeppelin

| 24. Juni 2009

A dear friend of mine has pointed some remarkable historic factlet out to me: In the 1920’s there were several attempts to reach the North Pole by Zeppelin! Sounds almost like the expedition done by LZ-X1 Württemberg (see the link menue to your left). Unfortunately, these real-life expeditions were not remotely as successful nor was […]

Today is a Space Day

| 20. Juni 2009

OK, so this is my second article in this blog for today and I stick to the space theme: Virgin Galactic and the State of New Mexico are building the first commercial spaceport for space tourism!   Yes!   Finally! The 21st Century is here! We still do not have jet packs (which are a […]

Steampunk UFOs roaming the Bermuda Triangle

| 20. Juni 2009

In my early to mid-teens I was interested, fascinated and a firm believer in UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and related stuff. Scientific education, more in-depth knowledge of the workings of the universe and related matters dispelled my believe (and failed predictions of aliens revealing themselves to us). I still continue to follow news and events […]