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Three years, one month and five days…

| 19. März 2013

…since my last entry here. My old hoster has finally made some changes to the way blogs are hosted which allowed me to install the same theme I use over at Now I have changed the theme so it is in line with the other site. That’s all. The main things will still be […]

First Chapter of a Novel

| 8. Februar 2010

I announced a while ago that I am working on my first novel, based on the diaries found elswhere on this site. Well, I am making progress here but upcomming events, i.e. moving house and, the Gods and Saint Babbage willing, fatherhood in August, might delay the completion. Thus far, I have completed seven chapters, […]

First Munich Steampunk Get Together

| 23. Januar 2010

Today we held our first Munich Steampunk Get Together and decided it was not going to be the last. So here is the very short version of what happened: We met in the Victorian House at 10 o’clock for a late breakfast (which, unfortunately, was less enjoyable than the last time, the waiter was a […]

This Steampunk is a SEO

| 19. Januar 2010

Hello my dear comment-spammers. I would like to make one thing absolutely clear: Apart from being a blogger and having published in the sectors of Steampunk/Dieselpunk and the Cthulhu Mythos, I also happen to have a day job. I work in online marketing and my job title is Online Marketing Manger (SEO). I am versed […]

The pains of shopping for gear

| 17. Januar 2010

Modern department stores seldom contain items a steampunk could use, not at reasonable prices anyway. Yesterday I thought I pop into town and check out what Kaufhof (a chain of department stores here in Germany) and Hirmer had on offer. Karstadt had absolutely nothing I could use or at least nothing that would fit my […]

The Big Project – First Sneak & Peek

| 2. Januar 2010

The novelization is far from finished but here is a first tiny glimps at what it looks like right now. It is yet unedited and subject to change. The following scene happens about a week into the first expedition of LZ-X1 Württemberg, somewhere over Cappadocia (Ottoman Empire). The Tesla array for catching lightning as a […]

Exclusive Interview with Kaleena Kiff of Riese the Series

| 4. Dezember 2009

A few weeks back I was offered the opportunity to conduct an interview with the creators of Riese the Series. An opportunity which I obviously took. So here is the interview between Daily Steampunk (Traveler) and Kaleena Kiff, co-creator/director of Riese the Series. This Interview will very likely be available on this blog for only […]

Steampunks against Fascism

| 14. November 2009

I participated in a demonstration against certain undesireable elements in our society today. They pretend to remember the fallen heroes of our country, like I do, but in reality, they glorify fascist cruelty and idiocy and I have nothing more to say. Let the image speak:

Being recognizably steampunk

| 24. Oktober 2009

Yesterday I went to a pub moot of the Munich section of my favorite party: I am member 6366 of the Piratenpartei, and when I saw my number, I thought „Damn, 300 too early.“ The pub moot was great, something I was afraid it would not be. I had previously been involved with University politics […]

Zeppelin Museum Finale

| 19. Oktober 2009

Some random Zeppelin related images: So here is the final and rather delayed part of the Expedition to the very steampunk Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. First, a very stylish and beautiful Maybach Zeppelin: A classy car. Fit for every steampunk or dieselpunk movie. Also: Notice the modern license plate. This car is actually still in […]