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Happy Darwin Day!

| 12. Februar 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Edison

| 11. Februar 2010

Today in 1847 the most famous and iconic inventor of the industrial age was born, Thomas Alva Edison: Although not the invenor of the light-bulb (a common misconception), he greatly improved its design. He is rightly credited with the invention of the phonograph and the carbon microphone amongst many other things. He is also one […]

Think Green…

| 16. Januar 2010

An image that really sums up a few things about responsibility, sustainability and bright ideas:

Something thought-provoking

| 7. Januar 2010

Watch it and think about it:

109 years and three cheers

| 2. Juli 2009

Official Steampunk Holiday Today is a day of celebration for all Steampunks and Dieselpunks out there. Let us raise our glasses and give three cheers to his Excellency, Ferdinand Graf Zeppelin: Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! For today in 1909, exactly 109 years ago the first Zeppelin took to the air and this is the first time […]

There shall be no silence

| 12. Juni 2009

The following video is an attempt to keep certain people from silencing others. And just a small thing, dear Christian creationists: Thou shalt not bear false witness. Does that ring a bell at all?

May I point your attention to…

| 25. Mai 2009

the site Revealing the Link. Everything about the aformentioned fossil Ida,  Darwinisimus Masillae. Enjoy!

Science can be fun

| 27. April 2009

The video below is not Steampunk but than again it is. Granted, there is no brass in it, no cogs and no gears. However, the people in it turn science, advanced technology and scientific achievement into something which is tremendous fun. And turning science and technological development into something fun is temendously Steampunk. Granted, the […]

On Science, Superstition and Related Matters

| 25. April 2009

This entry is bordering slightly on transhumanism but only slightly. Slightly because transhumanism can only ever be made reality if there is a base of educated people large enough to support its ideals. It has to be turned into a popular movement. In order to achieve this state of affairs, we need to bring science […]