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This Blog is Moving

| 14. Februar 2010

Hello my dear readers,due to the fact that my current hoster is unable and unwilling to allow the installation of blog-themes, plug-ins etc. that he has not officially approved of, this blog is moving. Please update your RSS feeds and bookmarks. The new blog (including all articles) can be found there: Daily Steampunk (the saga […]

This Steampunk is a SEO

| 19. Januar 2010

Hello my dear comment-spammers. I would like to make one thing absolutely clear: Apart from being a blogger and having published in the sectors of Steampunk/Dieselpunk and the Cthulhu Mythos, I also happen to have a day job. I work in online marketing and my job title is Online Marketing Manger (SEO). I am versed […]

Think Green…

| 16. Januar 2010

An image that really sums up a few things about responsibility, sustainability and bright ideas:


| 10. Januar 2010

Slightly off-topic, but only slightly. Today in 1835 Fukuzawa Yukichi (福澤 諭吉) was born. He is one of the most influential people of the Meiji period and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern Japan. Since I hold him in high regard and the Meiji period coincides with the lifetime of Jules […]

Together we are a storm

| 29. Dezember 2009

My friend cdk07 made this video. Let it speak for itself:     Iranians, our hearts and minds go out to you. You are not alone!

The big project

| 24. Dezember 2009

There is a certain chance that I will not update this blog as often in the foreseeable future as I did the last few weeks. I have decided to turn the First Expedition of LZ-X1 Württemberg into a short story, maybe even a novella. I can not say, how much progress I have made, because […]

Post-Halloween Horror

| 2. November 2009

Well, OK, „Well“ is definitely the wrong word to start this entry but it is a nice filler after all. Yesterday I went to see Die Päpstin a.k.a. Pope Joan. In one word: Disgustingly bad. This movie actually replaced Resident Evil II on my list of Worst Film I Ever Payed To See. Even the […]

Nothing steampunk…

| 28. Oktober 2009

This has nothing to do with Steampunk at all. I just watched this video and in the process nearly died laughing, so I thought I share it with you. A little bit about my background: I worked as a banker from late 1993 to November 1996. The worst years of my life. I know how […]

On Barrack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

| 10. Oktober 2009

This commentary by Cenk Uygur of TYT sums it up quite neatly:

Heroes, Part II

| 9. Oktober 2009

Continuing on the hero theme: News just in: Barrack Hussein Obama is this year’s recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Well, I guess this is one clear signal to his predecessor and it is one well deserved award. I sincerely hope a few people in the US now get the message and stop bashing non-gun-toting […]