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Two events celebrated today

| 10. Januar 2010

Today is again one of those days when we commemorate two events which happend today in bygone years. The first of these events is one which really fits into the Steampunk genre: London Metropolitan Railway: First Day of Service in 1863 The London Metropolitan Railway started operating between Paddington (side note: I spent quite some […]

In the beginning…

| 7. Januar 2010

… there were no zeppelins, no airships. In the beginning there were no steam engines, no intenal combustion engines and no railways. But: There were bold, enterprising individuals who went ahead and set the stage for other things to come. Two of these were John Jeffries of Boston and Jean-Pierre Blanchard of Paris. On this […]

Double Feature – Extra Steampunk in deed!

| 16. November 2009

What a joyful day… I can actually bring on two items worthy of note today and I shall present them in order of discovery: 1. Steampunk Holiday – 100 years ago today Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft was founded Ah, the glorious days of available and affordable Zeppelin travel had their official beginning with the founding of this […]

The Iron Chancellor

| 30. Juli 2009

111 years ago today, Otto von Bismarck died. A controversial, reactionary but very influential and effective politician. Otto von Bismarck *April 1st,  1815 in Schönhausen; † July 30th  1898 in Friedrichsruh near Hamburg

Let us never forget

| 26. Juli 2009

The last British soldier who fought in the Great War has passed on. Let us remember. Embedded video from <a href=““>CNN Video</a> Let us not repeat history. And also, let me take this opportunity to remeber the last soldier of the German Army who died: Dr. Erich Kästner, who was born on March 10, 1900, […]

On this day in 1909

| 25. Juli 2009

Another official Steampunk Holiday One hundred years ago today, French aviator Louis Blériot (very impressive mustache) succeeded in crossing the English Channel in a motor-powered airplane. Let’s raise our glasses and give three cheers to Monsieur Blériot. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! And here are two images of the aviator and his plane:

Damn, I am four minutes too late

| 21. Juli 2009

So the historic landmark was 40 years yesterday…Here’s an image:

The United States of Greater Austria

| 17. Juli 2009

Just another footnote in the great, often not so great and most often downright dirty history of mankind: The United States of Greater Austria. If it had not been for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, this now unfortunately very fictional country would have risen like a Phoenix from the carcass of the rotting Habsburg […]

Soviet Nuclear Airship

| 15. Juli 2009

So, there was this concept of a nuclear powered Zeppelin brought forth by the mind of a Russian engineer. I am not sure if this was an idea that was at any time seriously considered or just some sort of Soviet Futurism, still… quite a cool concept I have to say…

The not so fine art of propaganda and colonialism

| 8. Juli 2009

A friend of mine recently pointed an article on the Spiegel website out to me which concerned some rather sad and weird legal concerns hailing from the colonial era. The whole article is just one click away. A very strange story in deed. It is so sad when you look back now: We Germans did some […]