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Remember Dresden

| 13. Februar 2010

Today in 1945 Dresden was destroyed in a military needless bombing raid. Tragedies like this still repeat themselves today, not on this scale, but there are still too many innocent casualties in every war. Let’s also not forget that there is Nazi scum marching through Dresden as I write these lines, defiling the memory of […]

Remember USS Macon

| 12. Februar 2010

Today in 1935 USS Macon was lost to accident. She was the last of the giant airships like the Hindenburg to be used by the US Navy and the last flying aircraft carrier, with her complement of six Sparrowhawk biplanes. Today we remember USS Macon. And also the Sparrowhawk, the only parasite fighter to actually […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Edison

| 11. Februar 2010

Today in 1847 the most famous and iconic inventor of the industrial age was born, Thomas Alva Edison: Although not the invenor of the light-bulb (a common misconception), he greatly improved its design. He is rightly credited with the invention of the phonograph and the carbon microphone amongst many other things. He is also one […]

The Wedding of the Century

| 10. Februar 2010

170 years ago today, the wedding of the Victorian Age took place: Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

100 years of Salon de locomotion aerienne

| 9. Februar 2010

This years Salon de locomotion aerienne, the Paris Air Show, will mark its 100th anniversary, there will be a bigger blog article on the day it starts (if I don’t forget) but for now, here are two very nice images from the first show in 1909: Ah! My little steampunk heart ticks faster!

Happy Birthday Jules Verne

| 8. Februar 2010

Official Steampunk Holiday! Jules Verne is 182 years old today, if he would still be around. Happy Birthday, Grand Old Master! PS: This entry was written on 10th February, although I put the event on my iCal…

99 years ago today

| 23. Januar 2010

Special Steampunk Holiday for airship and zeppelin enthusiasts On this day in 1911 the Siemens-Schuckert I took to air, it was semi-rigid and therefor something of a transitional form between previous airships and the zeppelins that have become so iconic in steampunk. And it proves: Evolution works in fields other than nature.

On this Day in 1879 – Go home Empire!

| 22. Januar 2010

The Battle of Isandlwana Today is one of those days when I look back at history and wonder: Why did something like this not happen more often? Why did not more native populations resist effectively and on a massive scale? Why were Europeans allowed to spread their culture and toxic memes all over the world? […]

On this day in 1871

| 18. Januar 2010

One image is worth a thousand words: The first unified German nation-state since the Peace of Westphalia. The good: Up to late 1888 there was very little tension with neighbouring states as Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm, Kaiser Friedrich III (whose reign was far to short anyway) and Chancellor Bismarck did not pursue aggressive foreign policies after […]


| 10. Januar 2010

Slightly off-topic, but only slightly. Today in 1835 Fukuzawa Yukichi (福澤 諭吉) was born. He is one of the most influential people of the Meiji period and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern Japan. Since I hold him in high regard and the Meiji period coincides with the lifetime of Jules […]