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Happy Birthday Jules Verne

| 8. Februar 2010

Official Steampunk Holiday! Jules Verne is 182 years old today, if he would still be around. Happy Birthday, Grand Old Master! PS: This entry was written on 10th February, although I put the event on my iCal…

First Chapter of a Novel

| 8. Februar 2010

I announced a while ago that I am working on my first novel, based on the diaries found elswhere on this site. Well, I am making progress here but upcomming events, i.e. moving house and, the Gods and Saint Babbage willing, fatherhood in August, might delay the completion. Thus far, I have completed seven chapters, […]

Sherlock Holmes – The Movie

| 7. Februar 2010

Yesterday we went to see the late show o the Sherlock Holmes movie. It was fun. There are, however some things in thta movie which could easily prevent it from beng fun. I guess I start with the weak spots and finish with the best bits. As far as I can see, there are three […]

Steampunk Jump’n Run

| 6. Februar 2010

Just a quick entry, because I will not have time for more today: There is a iPod game comming up, already free for Mac, that has a cool retro and steampunk feel to it. Steampunk because of the obvious aesthetics and retro because it looks so much like a classic Jump’n Run from the C64 […]

Sherlock Holmes Evening

| 5. Februar 2010

Right then… A Steampunk should always grasp an opportunity to attend or participate in cultural events which fit the genre and so I did…  (I seldom get the opportunity anyway these days, I guess the people 120 years ago had it easier) Sherlock Holmes seems to be all the rage these, there’s a new movie […]

The Hat Issue

| 4. Februar 2010

I ask myself: Shall I get a hat? I’ve got two steamy caps (one of them a flyer’s cap) but they are only good for the colder part of the year. The question is, shall I get a steampunky hat for the summer? I’ve got an Australian (or very likely fake-Australian) bush hat but since […]

Steampunk and Dieselpunk images

| 3. Februar 2010

Two images I simply had to share, they are too cool to pass by. The first one is supposedly pre-Great War but I am somewhat unsure about this. It is very steampunk, though The second one is just one great poster motive for fighting nerds. It basically says „This happens when Tesla goes bad“. So […]

A little something

| 2. Februar 2010

For some very important reason, I post this really cute Lil‘ Cthulhu video: I will also one of these days order Where the Deep Ones are and  a few other Mini Mythos books. You have to teach them early…

Riese The Series – Chapter Two

| 1. Februar 2010

Right, so here it is, the first episode of chapter two of Riese! Please watch first before you read on, I speculate further down and the speculation contains a few spoilers. So, please enjoy the episode: Now for the speculation and the spoilers: The episode takes place in the vicinity of a town called Vidar. […]