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Riese the Series – Gallery Images

| 22. Januar 2010

Here are two images of my favourite and most steampunk of all webseries: Riese. I can hardly wait until chapter two starts, especially after viewing the very exciting trailer a few days ago. But for now, here is one image each of Herrick and Fenrir: The evil, scary and fascinating Herrick:  And the loyal and […]

On this Day in 1879 – Go home Empire!

| 22. Januar 2010

The Battle of Isandlwana Today is one of those days when I look back at history and wonder: Why did something like this not happen more often? Why did not more native populations resist effectively and on a massive scale? Why were Europeans allowed to spread their culture and toxic memes all over the world? […]

Beauty and Steampunk -Tribal Belly Dance

| 21. Januar 2010

The headline is actually a bit missleading. It could be interpreted to imply that Steampunk is in itself not connected to beauty. As we know, this is not tru. Steampunk has very refined æthetics, from fashion, to design to manners, everything revolves around and develops along inherent values of æthetics and beauty. Tribal belly dance […]

The Whisperer in Darkness

| 20. Januar 2010

The famed crew of the famed crew of HPLHS Motion Pictures strikes again. This time it is an adaption of The Whisperer in Darkness. I can’t wait until it is released but for now I have to content myself with the trailer. Looks eldridgely promising, doesn’t it? (oppinions indicating the contrary will be answered by […]

This Steampunk is a SEO

| 19. Januar 2010

Hello my dear comment-spammers. I would like to make one thing absolutely clear: Apart from being a blogger and having published in the sectors of Steampunk/Dieselpunk and the Cthulhu Mythos, I also happen to have a day job. I work in online marketing and my job title is Online Marketing Manger (SEO). I am versed […]

Riese the Series – Chapter Two

| 19. Januar 2010

To my delight I just discovered the trailer for chapter two of Riese the Series on Youtube this morning. It looks like a lot of action and a host of new characters are in, too. The plot thickens. My beloved arch-villain Herrick features prominently. I would really hate it, if he would not see the […]

Sweet technology

| 18. Januar 2010

Aaaah! The wonders of modern technology, coupled with the style of a more civilized age:

On this day in 1871

| 18. Januar 2010

One image is worth a thousand words: The first unified German nation-state since the Peace of Westphalia. The good: Up to late 1888 there was very little tension with neighbouring states as Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm, Kaiser Friedrich III (whose reign was far to short anyway) and Chancellor Bismarck did not pursue aggressive foreign policies after […]

The pains of shopping for gear

| 17. Januar 2010

Modern department stores seldom contain items a steampunk could use, not at reasonable prices anyway. Yesterday I thought I pop into town and check out what Kaufhof (a chain of department stores here in Germany) and Hirmer had on offer. Karstadt had absolutely nothing I could use or at least nothing that would fit my […]

Slightly Dieselpunk Horror Movie comming up

| 16. Januar 2010

Two days ago, I checked out the site 4th Reich The Movie. An upcoming horror movie fearuring Nazi Zombies. Sounds like mindless fun, doesn’t it? Check it out for yourself, but be warned , it is Castle Wolfenstein-style gory! Also, there is more info available at Dreadcentral. Just click on the movie poster.