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Post-Halloween Horror

| 2. November 2009

Well, OK, „Well“ is definitely the wrong word to start this entry but it is a nice filler after all. Yesterday I went to see Die Päpstin a.k.a. Pope Joan. In one word: Disgustingly bad. This movie actually replaced Resident Evil II on my list of Worst Film I Ever Payed To See. Even the […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 9

| 1. November 2009

The ninth issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette has just been released. This issue is all about industrialisation. In other words: The dominant real-world effect hailing from the era in which Steampunk is set, and the benefits that came with it. Despite all the ills industrialisation caused and causes (workers‘ exploitation, pollution, rampant urbanization, industrialised […]