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There shall be no silence

| 12. Juni 2009

The following video is an attempt to keep certain people from silencing others. And just a small thing, dear Christian creationists: Thou shalt not bear false witness. Does that ring a bell at all?

Steampunk delights and a delighted Steampunk

| 6. Juni 2009

So, I have defeated the aformentioned nemesis and got hold of the boots. Yes! Plus: Since my Steampunk persona is a Captain of the Kaiserliches Zeppelinkorps from the Kingdom of Württemberg, I am most happy to now be in the owner of this belt buckle: Unfortunately, right now I have no belt to go with […]

The arch-enemy of the German Steampunk

| 1. Juni 2009

The arch-enemy of the German Steampunk is , apart from the aggressive conformist, is the German customs official. I recently ordered these boots in the USA (because they are a lot cheaper in the States):  It took them just one week to cross theAtlantic and arrive in Munich (sadly, they did not travel by Zeppelin, […]