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On this day in 1914

| 28. Juni 2009

A short but important historic note: 95 years ago today, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were asassinated in Sarajevo… What more is there to be said? Possibly the farthest reaching and most tragic murder of the 20th century. Some of the issues that came out of this event are still not resolved today…

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 7

| 28. Juni 2009

Ah, another fine edition of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette. This issue’s topic is one which is very dear to me: Metropolis  Metropolis, a masterpiece by Fritz Lang and the embodyment of every claustrophobic’s nightmare.By now, Metropolis the movie has cult status and rightly so. The term Metropolis has become both a word used by the proponents […]

A new aera

| 27. Juni 2009

So, after many years of Microsoft OS grief and some rather appaling experiences concerning Vista I have finally decided to switch. The money returning from Iceland was a big help. So, after almost 10 years I am finally once again working with a Mac! This time, it is my very own and not a company […]

Finally, Woden heard my plea…

| 25. Juni 2009

You could also say that finally the gears and cogs (all not particularily well oiled) of the world wide financial sytem got going. In this case: Germany and Iceland at last found some kind of deal, which meant that finally startded transfering money back from its frozen accounts to the German customers. This morning I […]

To the Pole by Zeppelin

| 24. Juni 2009

A dear friend of mine has pointed some remarkable historic factlet out to me: In the 1920’s there were several attempts to reach the North Pole by Zeppelin! Sounds almost like the expedition done by LZ-X1 Württemberg (see the link menue to your left). Unfortunately, these real-life expeditions were not remotely as successful nor was […]

Fashion of the future

| 23. Juni 2009

… the future as envisioned sometime in the 1930s that is… A nice and in retrospect really quaint excerpt of a showreel. Propably 1935 give or take five years. How people would dress in the year 2000 (looks rather 1930’s Buck Rogers style to me…) Please sit back and enjoy:

Some more nice Zeppelin images

| 22. Juni 2009

I just noticed that it’s been a while since I last posted some Zeppelin images from the ætherweb. So here again are some images of my favourite steampunk way of travelling: Actually, I should use this one in my Steampunk Expedition Project some time. It fits well into the storyline. And another: This is from […]

Today is a Space Day

| 20. Juni 2009

OK, so this is my second article in this blog for today and I stick to the space theme: Virgin Galactic and the State of New Mexico are building the first commercial spaceport for space tourism!   Yes!   Finally! The 21st Century is here! We still do not have jet packs (which are a […]

Steampunk UFOs roaming the Bermuda Triangle

| 20. Juni 2009

In my early to mid-teens I was interested, fascinated and a firm believer in UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and related stuff. Scientific education, more in-depth knowledge of the workings of the universe and related matters dispelled my believe (and failed predictions of aliens revealing themselves to us). I still continue to follow news and events […]

The Punk-Gap

| 16. Juni 2009

Just one thing that came into my mind regarding the whole steampunk/dieselpunk/cyberpunk thing: Some timeframes concerning the historical backgrounds of the corresponding punk settings: Approximately 1870s – 1920s: The Steampunk Aera After all, it was the high time of Victorian and Edwardian Times, it was the lifetime of Verne and Wells and this is where […]