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Steampunk feels good (a happy rant)

| 6. Mai 2009

Why do I like to be a steampunk /the Steampunk style… Many reasons… There’s the general feel of the era to which it historically corresponds (this applies less to Dieselpunk. As we all know, the 1920s to 1960s were not that great a time for humankind). Also, I like the dresscode of both eras, Steampunk […]

Evolution is fun (and funny)

| 4. Mai 2009

I like Bill Maher… This particular edition of „New Rules“ I put up because of the very last bit. The thing is (and here I am talking about transhumanism again): As long as there are people who favour Faith over Fact, Pan narans will be stuck on this little planet and in his vulnerable shell, […]

Zeppelin NT over Munich – Part II

| 4. Mai 2009

While enjoying a very bright, warm and sunny May 2nd my wife and me had the pleasure of witnessing the majestic cruise of the Zeppelin NT over the Englisher Garten together. And so I was able to make a few more snapshots with my phonecam:      I wish I could have taken pictures looking […]

Cthulhu Ad

| 3. Mai 2009

You have been warned!

Zeppelin NT over Munich

| 2. Mai 2009

Oh happy day! The Zeppelin NT has been cruising over Munich in the last week. A Steampunk’s delight in deed. I was lucky and happy enough to shoot a few images of one such cruise from the window of my office: The images were taken with my phonecam. I wish I had my wife’s camera […]