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The Tale of an Easter Expedition – Part 2

| 17. April 2009

I actually did not complete the series of images taken on the inside of the Siegeshalle so I shall just post them now. This is the inscription in the very center of the floor of the Siegeshalle: This is something you are not likely to find in a monument errected in Germany nowadays. After 1945 […]

The Tale of an Easter Expedition – Part 1

| 16. April 2009

First things first: This expedition was made possible by a grant of the Peabody Foundation and the Department of Anthropology of Miskatonic University, Arkham Mass.: So, this is once again an opportunity to engage and revel in some undiluted patriotism. The first part of our little expedition took us to the Befreiungshalle in Kehlheim, arriving […]

Easter Expedition

| 12. April 2009

Oh well… In a parallel universe my beloved wife and me would right now be back from Japan, propably just waiting for our luggage to be discharged from the bowles of an Airbus… It was not to be but it may still be out there in the misty future. On a happier note: 75% of […]

Steampunk Arts and Crafts

| 10. April 2009

As promised earlier, here are two images of my first take on steampunk cufflinks:   More of the same:  Another image of the brooch (in colour):  And of course, the steampunk wristlets I got from Lavenderfae for Airkraken Day: I think it is one of the great features of the Steampunk subculture that people are […]

So you think you are human?

| 9. April 2009

How human are you and how much human is there in you? You very likely have never asked yourself this question. Well, watch this video: Now, how do you feel? I think it’s great to have so many little helpers. Makes the idea of nanite shells (transhumanism again…) pretty redundant in a way.

Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Techno-Fetishism

| 7. April 2009

Admitedly, I have a thing for technology. You could almost call it a fetish. Only almost. I do not use technology as any kind of paraphrenalia while engaging in the procreation of Pan narans. Technology is simply something good. Oh yes, I can almost hear the howling of back-too-nature veggienazis and the like but technology […]

Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 4b

| 5. April 2009

Some thoughts on D&D 4th Edition As I have said, D&D 4th Edition reminded me a lot of the classic dungeon crawls of the D&D boxed sets of the ’80s. You know, the one with the black-and-gold master boxed set, when you could get to level 36 with. What I miss in the 4th Ed. […]

Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 4a (Dungeon Crawl)

| 4. April 2009

After a short night and a long-ish breakfast at Olaf and Motte’s place it was time to go back to the Cavecon at around 11:00 AM. I had planned to run a steampunk game based on the new Chaosium Basic Roleplaying but than I felt more like playing myself so I joined the D&D 4th […]

Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 3 (Beating Hastur)

| 1. April 2009

After preparing food and actually eating something, too, we had a chat with a few people we had not seen in a while and finally set down to play a very nice game of Arkham Horror. We started I guess around 20:00 and finished sometime around 2 in the morning and what fun we had! […]