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Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 2 (shopping and cooking)

| 30. März 2009

After arriving safely in Aschaffenburg we were picked up by our good friend Motte and transported to our lodgings (the flat on the first floor in the same house Motte and Olaf live in). Then, another friend came round and the four of us went shopping for con-supplies. No, not the usual crisps, chocolate andfizzy […]

Back from Cavecon 2009 – Part 1 (getting there)

| 30. März 2009

Yes! What a great way to spend a weekend! We had so much fun, but I am getting ahead of myslef, let me start this tale of RPG Weirdness with the really weird travel exsperience which brought us to Aschaffenburg. The Strange Universe within the First Class ICE Coach For this occasion we had purchased […]

A thought on dresscode for the non-conformist

| 23. März 2009

I like to see myself as a non-conformist which is a bit odd since I have been a Goth for most of my adult life, however: I also very much enjoy wearing suits which is actually quite steampunk/dieselpunk and in these modern times also quite non-conformist. I do not long for the days which ended […]

Steampunk RPG – Cthulhu style

| 22. März 2009

The headline actually promises more than this article actually is about. Fact is, I have been running a Steampunk themed RPG for the last few weeks and finally everyone is getting the hang of the game, including me. May have something to do with the fact that I am employed again and far more relaxed […]

Steampunk DIY – Jewelry

| 15. März 2009

Finally I got my lazy behind up and created something steampunky. I have not touched a soldering iron in years but I still remember how to us one. So, I went to our local arts and crafts store down the street, got myself a few pieces I found quite appealing and combined them with parts […]

Back-up expedition

| 14. März 2009

So, we cannot make it to Japan as planned. We may be able to do it in autumn or maybe next year. However: This gives us the opportunity to visit friends and attend a Con. In this special case: The Cave-Con in Aschaffenburg. And since it is a Roleplaying-Con I can go Steampunk style in […]

New Tales from the Borders of Civilization

| 11. März 2009

After almost nine months my beloved wife and me once again returned to the fringe of civilization, Unterfranken, to visit my family. Once again we chose to set up our basecamp at the Papperla Pub in the Bahnhofstraße of Würzburg. From there, we travelled by automobile to the very border between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where […]

Oh well… Part 2

| 10. März 2009

So, everything concerning the journey to Japan has been cancelled, which saddens me… Now I am using my spare time (which I have a lot of right now) to study PHP, catch up on my Kana-studies and browsing the web. A good friend has poimted out WAMP to me which is a great help in […]