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Culinary Delights every Steampunk can enjoy

| 21. August 2008

Something I wanted to put up here for quite a while now: I am an admierer of Japan. I love the people, the culture, the cuisine. Fortunately for me, right across the street (10 m or so from my door) is the Kushiage Enn. In my humble opinion the best restaurant in the whole of […]

Traveling the Ætherweb – Musings

| 5. August 2008

So vast a terrain that is none. So many places that do not „really exist“, whatever that means. The ætherweb, or internet as non-Steampunks would call it, is a magnificent place and there is so much to see. Luckily, modern technology has enabled us to explore the reaches of this virtual cosm with ease. We […]

A general thing about Steampunk and me

| 3. August 2008

This could actually develop into a rant or an inflamatory speech. So, what does it mean to be a steampunk? For me it’s more of a question what does it mean to be a German steampunk. Most steampunks I know are from North America or the British Isles and thus draw their inpiration from the […]